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Shoei X-14 Marquez 5 Helmet
Shoei X-14 Marquez 5 Helmet
Shoei X-14 Marquez 5 Helmet
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Shoei X-14 Marquez 5 Helmet

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When it comes to the best of the best, Marc Márquez is at the forefront of the conversation regarding motorcycle riders residing here on planet Earth. Seriously. In how many proverbial arenas can the "best" be reduced to a handful of two, perhaps three examples. In the MotoGP world, however, it is exactly like that, and Marc Marquez is there. In addition to his characteristic winner style and his amazing rescues, his outfit is equally recognizable and for 2018, he has presented the Márquez 5 helmet that exhibits it with all his strength.

With the X-14 Márquez 5 helmet, riders will literally be able to wear the same helmet as one of the best in the game right now. The X14 is as premium as it can be and has been engineered from the ground up with speed, precision and style for all throttle accelerators in the world. With the Márquez ant and the 93rd number everywhere, there is no doubt about the intention of the rider wearing the Márquez 5 helmet: to win.

Streamlined shell design
Aerodynamic properties are maximized through extensive wind tunnel testing and feedback from professional pilots
Dual-layer, dual-density EPS liner improves shock absorption and ventilation
Four shell liner and five EPS liner sizes feature increased fit options to comfortably fit most head sizes
Shock absorbing EPS liner throughout chin bar with Cheek Pad Cooling System
Standard rear fins can be replaced with optional, narrower fins to customize aerodynamics, depending
on driver preference and track demands
Detachable lower air spoiler can be attached to the chin to improve aerodynamic stabilization
Ventilation system
Ventilation of the upper air inlet is positioned to maximize the volume of air inside the helmet
The upper vent outlet is separate from the Rear Stabilizer, allowing it to be positioned for optimal flow ventilation
The Cheek Pad Cooling System features channels that pass through the EPS liner and corresponding air holes in the cheek foam, cooling and clearing warm, moist air from the rider's face.
Breath protector and chin curtain included
Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM +)
High-performance fiber materials combine with extremely elastic organic fibers in the frame construction for a structure that is ultralight, stiff and strong
3D Max-Dry custom interior system
The entire inner lining (cheek pads, upper lining, and chin strap covers) can be removed for cleaning and can be replaced with optional thicknesses for a customizable fit
The cheek pads and center pad can be manipulated to allow riders to adjust the position / angle of the helmet by up to four degrees, increasing the upper field of view while in extreme racing positions.
Comfortable, 3D Max-Dry helmet lining material absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture twice as fast as
Traditional nylon interiors, keeping aggressive riders cool and dry
E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) allows emergency medical personnel to easily remove the
Helmet cheek pads for an injured driver, making the helmet easier to remove from the head
Extra comfort provided by ear cushions, removable breath protector and chin curtain
Standard Chin-Strap Clip
Carefully secure the chin strap
CWR-F Shield and QR-E system
QR-E baseplate system allows tool removal and installation without tools
Exclusive patent pending Vortex generators on shield reduce air friction
Scratch resistant coating and Pinlock EVO fog resistant system
99% protection against harmful UV A and B rays
New double shield blocking unwanted shielding openings


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