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Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves
Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves
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Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves

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A glove that shares all the technical characteristics of the high-end ones except its price. The Dirtpaw has a padded palm and a comfortable flex point that keep it the preferred choice for beginners. Its velcro closure offers a secure fit and its elasticity guarantees maximum dexterity. Plus, the capacitive Clarino® finger fabric lets you take a look at the phone between runs.

A durable fabric that offers an excellent level of performance and wear resistance
Compression molded neoprene cuff for a secure fit
Clarino® single-layer padded palm compatible with touchscreens
Elastic mesh reinforcements on the fingers to improve mobility
Silicone fingertip to improve grip on the levers
Velcro closure at the wrist for a secure fit


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